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The 2011 MLS season is right around the corner and that means that it is time to assess each and every team’s possibilities of lifting the cup by the season’s end. Colorado was fortunate enough to end the year on top last season. Will they be able to repeat, or will star-studded teams like Los Angeles or New York become bigger and better contenders this year? Colorado defeated FC Dallas 2-1 in the MLS Cup Final that was held at Toronto FC’s stadium.

The 2010 season was full of surprises when Thierry Henry came to the US and Philadelphia saw their town finally become part of the MLS. Legend Freddie Ljunberg made a brief appearance in the MLS and World Cup stars put on a showcase of talent all season long.

The MLS is frequently known for making players who were otherwise unknown into superstars that then continue their career as a super star MLS name or move on to different countries in hopes of expanding their career. In this article I will analyze each and every team in the league, discuss their strengths and weaknesses and try to accurately assess their chances at making the post-season and beyond.

2011 MLS Team Breakdowns:

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Outlook on the 2011 MLS Season

To wrap things up, teams to look out for are some of the same names you have been used to for the past few years now. New York, LA, Salt Lake, and FC Dallas will all be making major impacts throughout the season this year. Colorado will of course be looking to defend their recently attained title.

Teams like Philadelphia, DC United, and Chivas will be looking to raise up from the league’s doldrums and write a Cinderella story in 2011. The new team from the Northwest, Portland, will look to make a new impact on the West and hopefully surprise everyone.

The MLS is a league that introduces new, budding stars every year and hopefully 2011 will be no different. The league is always exciting and what makes it especially great is that on any given night, any team can beat any other team. Check here for Euro 2012 Betting.

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