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Throughout history Manchester United has always been a force to reckon with in the top flight of English soccer, this year is no different. The defending champions are going to be out to win again and having to manage both EPL and Champions League will prove to be as difficult as ever. Wayne Rooney is going to have a few more options to help his attack flourish as it usually does. Chicharito proved to be helpful last year scoring 13 goals in just 15 starts. Along with Berbatov and the young Danny Wellbeck the attack of the Red Devils is looking as good as it ever has. But the attacking options are going to come from everywhere for Manchester United, especially the midfield through players like Darren Fletcher and Nani.

The defense is experienced and will be headed by Nemanja Vidic. Defense will be key considering that Manchester United had to say goodbye to veteran Edwin van der Sar and welcome in a brand new keeper. This new Spanish keeper is David de Gea and although he looked good in La Liga, the EPL is a whole different animal. Unlike a lot of other teams, the one thing that Man U has over other teams is their veteran presence. Players like Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, and Ryan Giggs will help develop the younger players on their team.


Like previously mentioned, Manchester United’s number one strength lies in their attack. Even though Wayne Rooney did not have the all star year everyone comes to expect nowadays, last year still yielded 11 goals for him. And if 11 goals is a bad year for Rooney, then things are probably going to be ok, especially when players like Berbatov and Hernandez combine for 33 goals. The addition of Danny Wellbeck from Sunderland is just one more threat to an offense that puts most others to shame. Just like their cross-town rivals, Manchester City, Manchester United has invested a lot into their attack.

Ashley Young is another player that United has added in the offseason and will be expected to add goals consistently. The midfield should not be a problem as there have not been many changes made to the already strong cast of characters that were there last year. All in all it is probably safe to say that Manchester United is the team to beat in England and is more than likely going to be one of the top contenders in Europe as well.


The main weakness that is present in Manchester United’s lineup is the absence of van der Sar in goal. The new guy in net is David de Gea from Spain who played at Atletico Madrid before being transferred to Manchester United. He is very talented, admittedly, but at the same time he is very untested.

Seeing a brand new young kid being thrown into games against the likes of Chelsea and Liverpool in league play may not be the best recipe for winning. Not to mention the teams he may be facing in Champions League play. Of course we wish him the best of luck and hopefully he is able to work out any rough spots in the first few weeks of the season before things develop and the season progresses much further. Other than the question as far as goalkeeping goes Manchester United is really looking to be the strongest team in the Premier League this season.

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