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Liverpool was one of those teams that kept very busy in the offseason, acquiring all sorts of new players. First in was Charlie Adam, standout midfielder for Blackpool last season. Stewart Downing is another new guy that Liverpool picked up from Aston Villa. Andy Carroll is yet another new signing that will make things at Anfield a lot more interesting. This year Liverpool is going to be the proud owners of a great midfield with a lot of talent.

The goals are not only going to come from Suarez up front, but through the midfield too. A team that has a midfield capable of putting in goals consistently will prove to be very difficult to defend against. A fairly young and inexperienced defense may spell disaster for Liverpool, but having Pepe Reina between the posts to be a guiding force may be exactly what these young guys need. Liverpool is one of those teams that is on the bubble with being a title contender but a top four finish should be expected by the fans around Anfield.


Liverpool is boasting a formidable midfield thanks to a few new signings. Among them is the talented player from Blackpool, Charlie Adam. Last year he scored 12 goals in 34 starts from his midfield position, unfortunately his Blackpool team ended the season in the drop zone. Stewart Downing will also be a new face in the Liverpool midfield, after having a great run with Villa. Downing was not as impressive as Adam from the midfield but he still managed to net 7 goals last season. These two new signings will be under the constant guidance of veteran midfielder Dirk Kuyt. The 31 year old ages in numbers only because year after year he comes out and performs. He will now be charged with the task of learning to play with 2 completely new guys, and will be expected to teach them the system.

As has been the case for some time now, Pepe Reina is a force in net. The Spaniard makes save after save year after year and has helped Liverpool out of some dire situations in the past. Not only will he be expected to take charge of a young defense, but he will also be in charge of making the same great saves that have come to be expected from him. A big part of Liverpools success will be laid upon the shoulders of a player who really would have it no other way. Luis Suarez is likely to make the 2011/2012 English Premier League a personal highlight reel. He only scored 4 goals for Liverpool last season, but that was only a partial season for him. Being here for the entirety of the year will prove to yield a large amount of goals.


The biggest weakness in Liverpool’s squad is their defense. Daniel Agger, Jose Enrique, and Martin Kelly, none of which are older than 25, will be key components to the defense. In the Premier League having a shaky defense will lead to a terrible season. Out of all the teams that get relegated on a yearly basis in the Prem, the majority of them are among the league leaders in goals conceded.

The point I am trying to make is that it does not matter how many goals Suarez, Kuyt, and Carroll score, if the defense cannot stop anyone it is going to be a rough ride. Pepe Reina may be good but he is not going to be able to do everything. A big weakness of Liverpool in the past is playing on the road. They will have great games at home and thrash all sorts of opponents at Anfield, but when they had to travel everything went to shambles. Maintaining focus on the road can make or break a team, and if Liverpool loses focus they can kiss their potential for a top four finish goodbye.

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